• American Civil War – Summary
    The War of Secession, also known as the American Civil War, was the most violent and costly but also the most fundamental step in the national development of the United States of America. The cause of the war was a deep social and political split between the two camps, especially on the “slave question”. While […]
  • Where does the word Yankee come from?
    With the nickname “Yankee”, which is not exactly flattering, US-Americans are often thought of abroad. However, many Europeans who use this pejorative name are not aware that it probably originally referred only to a certain group of settlers, namely the Dutch. The word “Yankee” probably comes from “Janke”, a diminutive of Jan, and corresponds to […]
  • The activists of Coyote in their efforts to decriminalize the prostitution
    The activists of Coyote in their efforts to decriminalize the prostitution of prostitutes not only meet with resistance from bourgeois anti-prostitution organizations, but also from radical feminists. While some women’s rights activists, such as the umbrella organization Now (National Organization for Women), support Coyote and demand a right to practice prostitution in legal security – […]
  • Public Humiliation during the civil war in the USA
    Public humiliation However, in some areas a method has been found to deter potential suitors, that of public humiliation. In some places the names, sometimes with a picture, are published by punters, on posters or in a special section of the daily newspaper. Critics see this measure as a continuation of medieval penal system (“pillorying”) […]
  • Booming Prostitution in the US
    From 1861 onwards, business began to boom in undreamt of proportions – the war was once again, if not the father of all things, the catalyst for prostitution and the spread of gonorrhoea and syphilis among the hundreds of thousands who wore blue or grey uniforms. During the American Civil War (1861 to 1865), mobile […]
  • Prostitution is illegal in the land of the free
    Where sex and business mix In the country of freedom, the USA, prostitution is anything but free. Even though the trade of love for sale is flourishing, it may only be legally practised in a few places under certain conditions. Here Ronald D. Gerste examines how prostitution is handled in the USA. A legalisation of […]
  • Famous People from Philadelphia
    Kobe Bryant (1978)Kobe Bryant, born 23 August 1978Kobe Bryant is a former US basketball player who played 1346 games for the “Los Angeles Lakers” (2006-2016) in two decades, won these five championships, was voted most valuable NBA player (2008) and is considered one of the best basketball players in league history. Bryant was born on […]
  • 12 Best Civil War Movies
    I love to prepare myself for an upcoming trip – apart from reading travel guides, I find it most enjoyable to prepare myself visually and mentally for my destination with films. Or rather, it is often the case that films “prepare” me for a journey years in advance. Like films about the south of the […]
    Breechloader rifles existed on the American continent even before the United States of America could establish itself. The British Major Patrick Ferguson developed a breechloader flintlock rifle in 1776, based on the French Chaumett construction of the 1720s. When first deployed in a British corps against American revolutionaries, Patrick-Fergusson was seriously wounded, later killed at […]
  • The Civil War in the USA – How Gettyburg changed the USA
    Gettysburg – Three days that changed the USAOn the battlefield of Gettysburg in Pennsylvania, 150 years ago, the American Civil War was decided. Even today, the battles are re-enacted annually by clubs. From July 1 to 3, 1863, the bloodiest battle of the American Civil War raged at Gettysburg in Pennsylvania. For years, Americans had […]

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