Unit Officers

Unit OfficersCpt Barry Woods Barryandjanine@gmail.com Corporate  President
1st LT Doug Becktel Dbburkeva@aol.com Corporate Vice President
1st Sgt Scott Sturdivant LtTaser@hughes.net Corporate Sergeant at Arms
2nd Sgt Josh Sturdivant LtTaser@hughes.net
Cpl Paul Busher Virginianinfla@gmail.com Corporate Secretary
QMSgt Tom Dunn Tshelbydun@msn.com Corporate Treasurer

You can contact any of the above officers for any issue you may have.  They are all able and willing to help.
However, everyone has certain areas they focus on.  So feel free to do direct to the individual for that area. 

During events the ranking officer is in command of the unit.  Should the highest ranking officer not be present with the unit due to brevet promotion or absence, then the next in the chain of command will lead the unit.  The ranking NCO will assume the rank of Brevet 2nd Lt due to the absence of any other higher ranking officer within the unit.  All officers place safety above all other considerations.

The Captain commands the unit and is responsible for all unit actions on the field and in camp.  The company commander attends officer meetings and is mainly responsible for conducting unit drill and field/battle leadership.  Working with his 1st Lt and 1st Sgt the Captain determines the overall operations of the unit for any given event.  The Captain works with event planners to determine activities at events.

The 1st Lt assists the Captain in the overall operation and direction of the unit.  The 1st Lt serves at the planner for the event.  He works on event rosters and head counts for mess.  He handles most administration issues such as registration for events, distribution of information to members, ensuring that needed unit equipment is at the event, reviewing mess details, and most event pre-planning.       Most of 1st LT work is done before the event takes place. 

The 1st Sgt runs the company.  He ensures that the plans for the unit at the event are executed.  The 1st Sgt assigns details for the smooth flow of operations in camp.  He handles individual training of troops.  He works with his NCO’s to assign mess, water, fire, and clean-up that is properly cared for so the whole unit benefits.  He ensures troops are ready for the field with equipment and supplies.  He collects morning reports and takes roll calls and brings the unit into formation. 

The 2nd Sgt, 3rd Sgt and Cpls assist the 1st Sgt.  These officers can be called upon to ensure the smooth operation of the unit both in camp and on the field.

The Quarter Master Sgt keeps track of unit supplies and ensures requested supplies are at events as needed. 

Corporate Officers
President runs meetings and is overall responsible for matters dealing with the Non-profit corporation known as the 8th Virginia Regiment.

Vice President handles planning and operations. Maintains roster and communications.  Unit registration is done by the VP.

Secretary keeps minutes and collects information and archival materials.

Treasurer maintains accounting books, and bank accounts.  Dues are sent to treasurer.  If you need to Registration fees are sent to treasurer.  Powder is bought from the treasurer.

Sergeant at Arms ensure smooth flow of meetings.

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